Happy Thanksgiving! Bonne Action de grâces !

A reminder that there is a holiday on Monday, October 13, 2014.

The libraries will be open and regularly staffed on Saturday, October 11th and Sunday October 12th and will observe the usual weekend service hours.

On Monday, October 13th, the libraries will be open for study only, and no staff or services, except security, will be available.

I will be back to read your comments on Tuesday, October 14th.

Have a great long weekend!

APA Style – Patents

You wrote:

As a second year student, I regularly refer to the “APA citation style” article. So far, it has been a perfect and useful reference. However, while writing a recent paper, I realized that there are no guidelines for patent referencing. I think the article would be even more complete if you could add another section related to patent citation and referencing. Thank you for your invaluable time and consideration.

We’re glad you find the APA guide so helpful to your studies.  Thank you for your suggestion, we have updated the APA guide with an example for Patents.

A good reminder, if you are looking for a citation example that is not included in our APA webpage, you can always consult with the print edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association; multiple copies are available at both Webster and Vanier libraries: http://clues.concordia.ca/record=b2686393~S0 

Thank you for your interest in Concordia Libraries.

Google Earth on library workstations

You wrote:

I am an Urban Studies student. The first assignment of the term required the use of the free Google Earth software. When it is not possible to use the computers in the lab, I had to therefore use the ones at the Library. Unfortunately, none of the computers in the Library lab room have Google Earth, nor do the laptops.  As this software is not only used by Urban Studies/Planning students but also  geography students, I am requesting that it be installed on all Library computers for use by all of the Concordia community. It is very disheartening to put in the effort and time only to be thwarted by the lack of tools required to complete a task.

After consultation with the Geography librarian and our Systems department, I am happy to report that Google Earth is already installed on several workstations at Webster Library, on the 2nd floor:

W-226, W-227, W-229, W-230

Two of these workstations (W-226 & W-227) are also bookable as Webster Library Scanners through our new booking software on the library website: https://booked.concordia.ca/

The other two workstations (W-229 & W-230), are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Our Systems department is also looking into loading Google Earth on all library workstations.  I will update this post as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your comments.

Problems with DPrint at Vanier Library

You wrote:

I’m working at Loyola (on a Friday in the evening), and one of the three printers has been jammed since yesterday, and the single fill-up machine on campus is also broken. This is absolutely incredible- so long as our funds are allocated towards ‘prettying up’ the website, the printing services are still incredibly lacking. I would bet money that if I complained to a librarian about this, I would be told, “don’t worry dear, someone will come fix it on Monday”. Monday?!? If we as students are here working on the weekend, we DESERVE functioning and MAINTAINED machines and services. This is absolutely inexcusable and infuriating. Another issue is that the security officer I mentioned the useless machine to, spoke no English.  G-d forbid there should be any issues, he would not understand anything. Glad our priorities are straight.

Sarcasm aside, we would REALLY appreciate if you took students’ concerns into account-considering how much time (and money) we put into this, that’s the least we deserve.

I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, I can understand your frustration.  However, the DPrint machines and loaders do not belong to the Libraries.  They fall under the jurisdiction of Concordia Retail (the Bookstore).  

Your comments have been forwarded to Concordia’s DPrint service and the loader at Vanier library has been repaired.  

You can contact DPrint directly, with the contact information from their website:

If you are experiencing problems using the DPrint self-serve devices on campus or have questions regarding our services do not hesitate to contact us.
DPrint Administration
LB-018 (metro level)
next to the Bookstore
514-848-2424, ext. 3476


We have also notified the appropriate people in the Security Department and passed on your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Library Quick Links

You wrote:

I miss the ‘quick links’ section of the former library website, which I used on an almost daily basis to locate books in other libraries, especially McGill. If it is here, I cannot find it.


It is better for the quick links to show the related library services as before, like RefWorks, APA style…… rather than the Concordia quick links; after all, it is the library web page. Fortunately, the A-Z library index is still kept on the top navigation bar. BTW, the bar for the opening hours is quite good.

Thank you for your comments, we’re glad you like the opening hours display and A-Z list on the redesigned Library Website.

When we redesigned our website to fit Concordia’s design we had to make some changes to our navigation and content, including the removal of the library quick links.

The links previously found under the old quick links section can be found via the library website search or in the locations listed in the table below.

Article delivery Under “Log into…”
Book a study room Under “Log into…”
Borrowing and renewing Under  TAB “Using the libraries”
Citation guides Under  TAB “Help & How-to”
Course reserves On home page
Find article from citation On databases page
Fines On borrowing and renewing page
Library PIN & barcode Under TAB “Using the Libraries” > “Wifi, computers…”
Other library catalogues On home page under “Online reference”
RefWorks Under “Log into…”
Request forms Each form can be found with its related service. Many are also listed on the Information for Faculty web page (link in the footer of the website)
Wifi, computers & printing On  TAB “Using the libraries”

Concordia Libraries Website and Library Feedback & Suggestions Blog Redesign!

The Concordia Libraries’ website has a new look!

From the libraries’ What’s New item, Tuesday, August 26th, 2014:

The redesigned website features:

  • Look and feel based on Concordia.ca templates
  • Responsive design (website layout and interactivity scales for different screen sizes: desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Changes to header and footer
  • New login button grouping library services which require login
  • New grey top navigation bar with Hours and A-Z index, along with Concordia Quick Links
  • Social Media/ShareThis bar on right side

If the website is not displaying properly it may be because of files cached in the browser. Please refresh the page in your browser.

The Library Feedback & Suggestions Blog also has a new minimalist look, in keeping with the overall design of our websites.

On the bottom right corner of the library website, you’ll find a Feedback button: feedback


Clicking this button will give you two options – a form to email the Feedback & Suggestions Blog and access to research help:

feedback formsWe hope you enjoy using our redesigned website and blog, and we look forward to hearing from you!