Long weekend ahead

We will return on Tuesday April 22, 2014. For more information about our holiday schedule, see our hours page.

Have a good long weekend!

Adjustable computer chairs

You wrote:

why the chairs on the Webster second floor library where the computers are….are to low? is there a way on putting them higher ? I always screw up in trying to find one with a better high thanks.


The chairs that go along with the computers on the 2nd floor of the library building are pretty broken down, and don’t seem to be height adjustable.  Sometimes I can switch chairs if there are extras, but when the library
is really crowded, as it is now at the end of the semester, I have little choice. Are there any plans to replace the chairs? 

Thank you for your message.   These chairs are scheduled to be replaced in 2016.  In the meantime, spinning the chair clockwise will raise the seat and spinning it counter clockwise it should lower it.

Construction noise

You wrote:

Announcing or putting up a sign that there will be disruptive construction would be nice. It’s 10:15am on Friday and loud construction noises are making it
difficult to concentrate in a blue zone.

I’m very sorry that you encountered this situation.  You do not mention what library you were in so, I cannot explain what happened on that particular Friday.  However, there certainly is a lot going on in both libraries right now and although we do our best to warn our users of potential noise, it is sometimes out of our control.

No change at Loyola

You wrote:

Please please please please please put a change machine at the Loyola campus library. I am here with lots of money (bills and quarters) ready and willing to pay to print something but can’t because the machine to load money onto students cards to print accepts only $1 and $2 coins. This is ridiculous considering there is nowhere in the area (no shops or cafes) that can give change and the library employees cannot give change either. This does not make sense. Please please please put a change machine here or modify the system to be able to load our cards using credit cards.

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration.  However, the DPrint machines and loaders do not belong to the Libraries.  They fall under the jurisdiction of Concordia Retail (the Bookstore).  If you go to the campus bookstore in the CJ building during regular business hours, you can load up your account using debit, credit or any kind of change.  Hope this helps!

Printing problems in Hall Building

You wrote:

I have experienced faulty printers across the downtown campus. Most notably the printer on the 11th floor of the Hall building and my friends have experienced the
same issues with a couple in the Webster library. The problem is strange, once you send a document to print and you try to select the document on the printer’s
screen and click print, it disappears and nothing prints. However, once you click the refresh button it appears back on the screen like nothing happened. It
doesn’t happen all the time, which is the strange part, but it does happen often enough to really be an annoying problem. This has occurred both when I have
sent something from my own computer and a school computer. When this occurs in the Hall building, it’s frustrating because there is no one immediately around
to report it to and I can’t leave my belongings unattended to try to find someone to show the problem to, and I am not even 100% sure who to report it to in that moment. My friends have experienced this too and we do not really have any solution for it except to try another printer or try to print later and hope it
doesn’t act up this time. It’s a huge time waster. 
Hopefully I am reporting this to the right place.  Thanks!

Thank you for your message.  In fact, this does not fall under the Libraries’ jurisdiction.  However, we forwarded your comment to the DPrint team.  Here is their response:

In this type of instance, it is typically that the student does not have enough money in their account to print the job. Unfortunately, the device does not say ‘Insufficient Funds’ when the student tries to print. The only way for them to know is by doing the calculation themselves and noting their account balance in the top right hand corner.

If the student does have funds, it could be that the document they are trying to print is not a standard paper size (i.e. they are trying to print in the A4 format, which the device does not have). In this case, the student needs to change their document size at the computer. Unfortunately, there is no warning on the device if this happens.

DPrint phone number and email address are posted on all of the devices, so students can contact us with these types of concerns.  (dprint@concordia.ca or 514-848-2424-3476)

Unattended library workstations

You wrote:

How to dissuade people to elude Concordia Libraries’ policies? In the last month I’ve seen very often the behavior of a girl who arrives at the library early uses a computer for about one hour, then goes to look for some books to leave them on the station she’s using (just to make it appear someone is there, leaves the library for about 2 hours or more, and then comes back to work again in the same computer, while other people is on a line waiting patiently for one. I think such behavior is not fair…

You are absolutely right.  It is not fair.  The Libraries have a policy regarding unattended workstations.  The next time this happens, please report it to a service desk.

Thank you for writing.

Restrict access to the Libraries

You wrote:

I have been a concordia student for 2 years now and there is the ongoing problem in the library of not having enough room. Especially during exam periods and
high rush hours (lunch, etc) it is difficult to find a spot. There is one big contributing factor to this issue which is that many students ARE NO FROM
CONCORDIA. It is OUR school and not theirs. WE pay for the resources and its is CONCORDIA’S duty to check people’s identification in order to avoid this problem.
Can you please help us with this?

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration.  However, Concordia University is a public institution. Our libraries are “public”, in the sense of “open to everyone”.  According to other libraries in the Montreal area, our students use them all the time.  Under those circumstances, it would be very difficulty, if not impossible, to close our doors to members of the community at large.

Two years ago, for a short period during the exams, we asked security agents to check id cards.  Managing the exceptions was challenging and time consuming and did not generate a significant number of free seats.

As of the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester, the Grey Nuns study hall will open (300 seats + 14 group study rooms) and will only be accessible to members of the Concordia community.

With the renovation and expansion of the Webster Library, we will more than double the number of seats (from 1300 to 3300). At the end of the first phase of the project (Fall 2015), we will already offer more study seats that what we have now.