Noise and space

You said:

On the issue of noise and space, I think the problem comes down to the lack of space in the school for students to go and work together. On that note, it would be nice to to have dedicated spaces in the library for group work. For instance, the 4th floor side where the library elevators are can be designated as student group work area. Another idea would be to space the tables further apart so that students aren’t talking louder in order to overcome the noise. However, that’s a space issue. I think the solution shouldn’t be to completely forbid noise but to make reasonable accommodations. Ultimately it would be nice to add another floor or two to the library and have one of them designated for group study/work and equipped for students with laptops (power plugs) I would like to see more study tables as opposed to cubicles in the library. Maintenance (cleaning and graffiti) to be the downfalls of cubicles.

Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions about space and noise. You have proposed a number of creative solutions and I have passed your comments to our Working Group on Noise. Thanks for taking the time to write us with your ideas.

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