Computers in LB-203

You wrote:

 There are constant line-ups for computers at the Webster Library even on Sunday evenings.  Could you not open up the LB-203 computer lab earlier (instead of waiting until the end of the Semester)?  I know you need it for the workshops, but I really think the students writing papers need it as a priority.  It’s getting a bit ridiculous…

 We received another comment on this same issue:

 Hi, thanks to the library staff for all the hard work that they do. One issue that seems to have come up a lot on this board is the overcrowding of the library and the space issues present. Not only the noise level is affected, but many times the wait to be able to use one of the computers is excessive, often up to half an hour. Considering this, I find it strange that the computers in room LB-203 are unavailable to most students throughout the year. I realize that there is a workshop that takes place there during the fall and winter semesters, yet almost every time that I pass by, the room is empty. Instead of removing access to this room, would it not be possible to simply have a schedule posted where the room would be closed an hour or so before the workshops, and then opened again for public use after they are finished with the room? I personally would find this a tremendous time saver. Thank you very much.

Thanks to both of you for your comments. Room LB-203 will be open for use as of March 2nd. Now that fewer workshops are being given in the room, you are free to come and use the computers for your work. The room may be closed if a workshop is being offered, but for the most part, it will be free. A schedule will be posted so you will know when the room is unavailable.

Thanks for sharing your concerns about this. I know it is frustrating to have to wait in line.  I hope this will help you get on a computer much sooner.

One thought on “Computers in LB-203

  1. Anonymous

    What about for the period before March 2nd?
    This is the issue. Allowing student access to these computers from January 5th to the end of the semester outside workshop hours.

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