Noise in Webster Library

You wrote:

Hello, I’ve been studying in the library for 3 years right now, but what one can notice is the fact that is getting worse. People are always talking and one can barely find a decently quiet spot with a laptop plug. I sadly have to say that the McGill library is better, from every perspective. This library is slowly becoming a lounge for students. Security checks for people drinking coffee around the library rather than making sure that everyone is quiet. It is horrible. No sane human can study here. I am sorry but this is the truth.

I am sorry it is so difficult for you to study in the library. We realize that noise is a big issue. The Library has created a Working Group on Noise, which is actively looking at this. The Group is looking at various approaches to the problem. We need to consider the need for people to study independently and also to work in groups. Another issue is that of space: the number of students looking for study spaces exceeds the number of seats available.  I have forwarded you comments to this group. Thank you for sending in your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Noise in Webster Library

  1. Anonymous

    One solution to eliminate noise is to strictly ban the use of cell phones in the library.

  2. Marissa

    I agree with the other comment about cell phone use. I have found that when people answer their phones, they do not speak quietly or go to to the stair well.

  3. Anonymous

    There are so many people who use cell phones; they must do so for a reason. I don’t think banning them is an answer but there has to be a stronger message to them on how to use the library and which areas are suitable for cell phone use. Non-cellphone users are just as bad about being noisy.

    I know whenever I’m on my phone in public I cover my mouth (in a fashion) so that my voice doesn’t carry as far, but I don’t see many people in Montreal with this habit.

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