Cell Phones


You wrote:


When is the use of cell phones going to be banned from the library? It is very disturbing while studying to listen to other people’s conversations. I have told students to be quiet but there are too many people abusing the study areas of the library (The study area being every area within the library). A constant presence of at least one guard continually making rounds in the library and telling students who are talking on cell phones to leave the library may help.


We don’t anticipate banning cell phones from the library. The majority of students use them in a respectful way. However, if you do notice someone talking too loudly on their cell phone, you can ask them to speak more quietly or you can inform a staff member of the library. We can inform security when there is someone who is excessively noisy. Just let us know when this happens.

We ask all students to do their best to contribute to a quiet atmosphere.



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