Noise and sleeping

You wrote:

I have been following the Suggestion Box for a while now and I keep seeing the same response to the noise question. I agree that group work can be loud but in all my time using the library I tend to notice groups of people who just want to sit somewhere together with open books and not work. Wouldn’t it be better if the rooms dedicated for quiet study could be used for group work that way the rest of the library would be a mandatory quiet zone?  Of course the sad truth is that no one will stay quiet if the regulations are not enforced. I do not see why those students who are disruptive to a larger group are not reprimanded, or even thrown out.

There is also the issue of noise coming from the daycare on the 5th floor. I have used the computers near that stairwell while wearing earplugs and have still been disturbed. I don’t mean to sound unfeeling but a group of loud children is not conducive to studying when they carry on for an hour. If the library is not going to be expanding onto the 5th floor then perhaps a wall can be built at the stairwell.

 A problem I’ve encountered many times is people sleeping in library. I understand the need for naps, but those naps shouldn’t block other students from finding a place to work or force them into the louder areas of the library just so a few can catch some shut eye.


Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We are currently looking at how to allocate space and furniture in the library for different noise levels. I have passed your suggestions to the Working Group on Noise.


Enforcing noise is an issue we are grappling with. We do understand your frustration. It is a question of analysis and re-allocation of Library space and this takes some planning and additional resources on our part. We take your concerns to heart.


If you refer to our Library Code of Conduct, there are no strict rules or policies about whether or not someone is allowed to sleep in the library. While we understand that there isn’t a great deal of space in the library, we also don’t want to throw students out of the library if they fall asleep.


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