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Hello. I’ve been using Concordia’s Webster Library to study for many years.  Recently, I have started using Bibliotheque Nationale because it is quiet and the patrons do not chat or answer their cellular phones. Seeing as how I am a student at Concordia and pay tuition fees I feel that I should be able to study in a quiet library on campus.  There may be one guard  doing sweeps, but I have never seen any of them ask a student to lower his or her voice.  I have asked a security guard to speak to a student when they were very noisy, but that guard didn’t. I strongly feel that actions needs to be taken regarding the noise level in the library.  This includes the students chatting with each other, the use of ipods, and cell phones.


Security agents have a wide range of responsibilities when touring in either library. These include discouraging excessive noise and the presence of food or drink (except water), but as you have seen this is not always an easy matter. In our experience, security agents routinely show good judgment when deciding how and when to intervene, but if you believe an agent is not performing his/her duties, please make a note of the time and place where this occurred and e-mail a report to us.


As you may know, during term time the quiet environment for which you are searching can more often be found at Vanier Library on the Loyola campus than at our busy downtown Webster Library. 



2 thoughts on “Noise

  1. Anonymous

    As many individuals have already noted, the noise
    levels in the Webster library are unacceptable for a
    library setting and oftentimes prevent students from
    concentrating on their work. Although the security
    guards do a good job at insuring that the Webster
    library is a relatively clean and safe place, I feel
    more time should be spent making sure that the library
    is a place of quiet that befits a university setting.
    I think it would be beneficial for the security guards
    to take a harder line on chit chat and especially team
    work being done in the main areas of the 2nd, 3rd, and
    4th floors of the Webster library as there really is no
    sense in allowing team projects to be conducted inside
    the library.

  2. Anonymous

    Although I agree that noise has no place in a library, there isn’t much space other than the library to work on group projects. Having areas designated for group projects could be a solution.

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