Using computers for non-academic matters

You wrote:

Again and again students have to line up to use the few computers which are provided for academic work only. It’s not the lines I mind, it’s the blatent disregard for the rules. Playing online poker is not academic. Would it be possible to block sites such as these?

It would be neither desirable nor feasible to limit the range of web sites students can access from library computers. However, I understand how frustrating  it can be to wait in line for a computer and see someone using a library computer for non-academic purposes.

We rely on students to use university computers for academic purposes. We recognize that university research can take many forms, and students visit all kinds of sites to conduct research. While the example you mentioned probably wasn’t someone conducting research on poker, we don’t believe in limiting the number of sites students can use while they work at the library.


2 thoughts on “Using computers for non-academic matters

  1. anonymous

    You do not want the library to start limiting the time or websites available to the students. Some work requires a lot of time to complete and the fact that most computers other than the express stations are of unlimited use is quite handy for those of us who do not have computers at home. Thanks to this, I am able to complete all my course work.

  2. Anonymous

    so online poker is ok but firefox and facebook aren’t? seriously who makes these decisions?

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