Returning books

You wrote:

I think that is inconsiderate to have due dates on the weekend. I know that we could bring them in earlier on the friday. However, most students do work on the weekend. Furthermore, a lot of students live outside
of the downtown campus. It forces the students to choose if they will pay the one dollar fine and return the book on Monday or return it early at the
disadvantage of the class. This is further complicated when we cannot renew them again online. I would suggest have due dates, even if renewing or taken out on a weekend, to be due in the weekdays.

Thank you for your comments. When you sign out a book , it is due 14 days later, so if you take it out on a Saturday, it will be due 14 days later on a Saturday. If you don’t want to have to return your book s on a Saturday, either bring it back a bit early or try checking them out on weekdays so that you will be more likely to return them during the week when you are on campus more frequently.

Students use the library quite heavily on the weekends and it is often a good time for checking out and returning books since you may be carrying fewer textbooks around. Some students who work during the week can only get to the library on weekends. Since Concordia students have all kinds of school, work, and family schedules, our loan periods are designed to give undergraduate students two full weeks with a book, whether they borrow it on a Tuesday or a Sunday.

You can also try to renew your books. If no one else has requested the book, you can usually keep it a bit longer.

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