Books in high demand

You wrote:

I love the library. The staff is great and most services hold mustard. However, I have a request regarding the loan length on ‘high-demand’ books. After placing a hold and waiting nearly a week and a half to get the book, I was then only allowed 3 days to make use of it. There needs to be some change made, preferably in the loan duration (5-7 days ideally). I understand that if I were the one waiting through a hold queue, I would be upset if there were no such special stipulation, but three days is terribly short, especially when you aren’t expecting
it and can’t plan accordingly. Perhaps you could allow COLOMBO loans on books that our library owns but are currently on loan (or high-demand)? Or keep track of which books are more often on high-demand and order more copies?

Thanks for writing. I am glad you think most services hold mustard!

When a book has a number of requests placed on it, it becomes a “high demand” item with a much shorter loan period. The loan duration is determined by the number of holds. The goal in this situation is to allow as many students as possible to have access to the text. This is particularly important when deadlines for assignments and term papers are near.

I can understand a frustration of having a book for only three days but there is also a frustration of not having it at all. We hope that the shorter loan periods for the high-demand books make the most sense as a way to allow the most students possible to have access to a much needed book. I hope to hear more from your fellow students. Perhaps we can come up with a better solution for all.

Your idea to request the book you need through COLOMBO is a good one, except if often takes time for that book to arrive from whichever library is lending it to us. It may not come in by the time you need it for your assignment.

The other suggestion, buying an additional copy, is also a good one, but having the book ordered and shipped from the publisher then catalogued and ready to go is quite a time challenge, and often won’t be met within the short time period that the book is in high demand. Buying duplicate copies of books is also a big expense when it is already impossible to buy one copy of all the books we want to buy for the library.

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