Group study rooms

You wrote:


I would like to ask for more viewing rooms like the
one on the 3rd floor in LB. These rooms and tools
increase student productivity while working in
groups and provide us with a place where we can TALK,
and DISCUSS our projects and/or presentations.

Also, it would be greatly appreciated if there could
be more study rooms for group studying. Not
necessarily viewing rooms, but the normal study rooms
where one can bring in a laptop. I feel that the
library is constantly FULL, and let’s not mention how
it is during midterms and finals. There’s no way to
find a spot or a computer. More small rooms to study
in groups would really increase student’s productivity
and surely reduce the amount of time they spend in the
library, leaving their places for other bewildered
students who can’t find a place to study in their own

Thank you for your time and attention.

I am glad you find the third floor viewing room in the Webster Library to be a great place for group projects. We have found this room to be much appreciated by students.

Good news: renovations are almost complete on the 2nd floor of the LB building and this will result in an additional 120 square meters of group study room space for students this summer.

Thank you for your suggestion to add more group study rooms. Yes we can!

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