Textbooks on Reserve

You wrote:

How come there’s no reserve for textbooks used in class, or there’s one single copy of them? We’re so many students taking the same courses for one single copy when we need it at the library!

Thanks for writing. We certainly would like to provide more textbooks at the Library. However, there are a couple challenges related to providing one or more copies of each textbook or assigned reading on reserve at the Library.

One challenge is that textbooks go out of date quickly, and are soon replaced by new editions. It would be a significant investment in material that would only get one or two years of use.

The more formidable challenge is that of cost. We would like to provide more textbooks, but they are very expensive. For each student attending a credit course at Concordia, about $100 is spent on library collections. This $100 cannot go very far when one considers the number of courses each student takes, and the number of texts required for each course. We simply don’t have the means to provide a copy of each assigned textbook for the library. In addition to course readings, the Library also needs to acquire access to databases, journal subscriptions, and other books and materials that support the research needs of Concordia students and faculty members.

At some universities, student societies provide additional funding to the Library to ensure that textbooks can be purchased for the collection. We are certainly open to suggestions on how to bring this about at Concordia.

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