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You wrote:

I have been studying at Concordia for many years now. I have always had a concern about noise and proper behavior. Just today as I was studying for my next class, someone was eating in a nearby cubicle and students were talking in another one. Since I heard about the noise committee, I have been asking myself how long will it take before concrete steps are taken to restore the Webster Library to a normal library setting, that is, a quiet space dedicated to academic study and research? Are the members of the committee committed to yield concrete results or is this all smoke and mirrors?

It’s not all smoke and mirrors.

Today, we began conducting a survey about the study environment at Webster. I certainly hope you can take part.

Look out for the survey as you enter Webster Library on Monday, March 30 and Tuesday, March 31. We look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible. The results of the survey will help the Working Group on Noise make their recommendations on the future of the study environment at Webster Library.

2 thoughts on “Have your say on noise

  1. Anonymous

    Comment: In regards to helping the complaints against noise,
    would it perhaps be possible separate the computer
    banks from the group tables on the third floor? I
    realise this would require a lot of rearranging, but
    it might also be the most practical solution.

  2. Anonymous

    Regarding the noise problem of cell phone usage and
    peolple talking to each other in the study cubicles.
    A suggestion may be to replace the cubicles with
    individual study desks without partitions. The desk
    partitions seem to create a hiding place for students
    who want to fool around. Desks without partitions
    could make the non serious students more sensitive to
    the study environment therefore allowing the serious
    student to actually use the library for study
    purposes. The Schulich Engineering and Science library
    at McGill University have these type of desks on the
    6th floor. I have studied there occasionally and I
    have noticed that the students are more courteous with
    regards to maintainining the noise level to an absolute
    minimum as everyone is visible to each other. It would
    also be easier for security to see the students from a
    distance rather than walking down every aisle checking
    behind partitions.

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