Placing a request on a book

You wrote:

Hello, I’m a student at Concordia University, and I’m trying to reserve a book Essentials of negotiation /Roy J. Lewicki … [et al.]  3rd ed but I can’t . The request verification inform me  that:  Sorry, only Concordia students, faculty, staff & some CREPUQ users may place holds.  I need this book, so what do I have to do?
Thank you.

Sorry you are having difficulty requesting this book.  Please get in touch with the Circulation Desk at 514-848-2424, ext. 7706, or you can e-mail  In  order for us to know what might be preventing you from making that request, we’ll need you to get in touch with us so we can look up your file. I hope you can get the book soon.

For other students out there who might have a specific question about a particular item they are trying to request or borrow, it might be faster to contact the Circulation Desk directly, especially since we will need your ID number in order to see what might not be working.

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