Eating and chatting in the library

You wrote:

Lots of times when I was studying at library, I could find someone eating or chatting around me, from 2nd floor to 4th floor. That’s really distracting especially when I need to concentrate on my studies. Some of my friends have encountered the same problem at least once. We do wish this situation can be changed very soon.

Thanks for writing. If you encounter someone eating in the library, you can let them know it is not allowed, or you can always let a library staff member know, and we can approach the student. Food and drink cause a lot of damage to library materials and furniture.

Regarding chatting in the library, you may know that this is something we are very concerned about. Recently, a survey was given to students about the study environment at Webster Library. The results of the survey are helping us understand how best to arrange the library and which areas should be quiet and how quiet should be encouraged.

In the meantime, I hope we can all cooperate so people can get the quiet study they need during the exam period.

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