Noise at the Library

We have had a few comments sent in regarding the noise in the Webster Library during this exam period.

One person wrote:

It seems that the Concordia library (Webster) has become a hotbed for socialization. This is especially true during the exam period. People are coming to the Library, opening up a book, and spending hours talking
about things that would commonly be discussed at a bar. These people who are not studying are taking up much needed work space, and even worse, distracting others. I have actually seen it occur that one group
socializing has to up the tone of their voice just so that their friends can here them talk over the 10 other groups that are socializing within a 10 feet
ratio of each other. It has gotten to a point where i cannot study at my
own university. I have to go to McGill, or a coffee shop. It is unacceptable that it is easier to study at a coffee shop then at a library. Something needs to be done. Someone needs to give the library back to those who want to study, and send those who want to socialize down the street to the hundreds of bars that are in walking distance of the Webster library.

Yes, we have had many complaints from students who find it hard to study due to the inconsiderate and noisy behaviour of others.  This is especially upsetting for us since, as you rightly note, Webster Library is surrounded by alternative venues for social activities.  One fundamental issue is a lack of sufficient library space: we are committed to finding a long term solution to this. In the meantime, we are finding that the crowded study areas – now open 24 hours for exams – cannot always be adequately supervised by the number of library staff or security agents we have available. 
I and my colleagues are truly sorry you are finding it necessary to leave the campus to find study space. You may also try asking library staff at the Information Desk for additional advice since we sometimes have good suggestions. We are actively developing a campaign for the Fall term that will, we hope, bring a new awareness to our patrons of the need to remain quiet and respectful of their neighbours while working at Concordia Libraries.  You may know that we have been gathering student opinion and feedback on the Webster study environment. The results of this study will guide our decisions. Changes will require a rearrangement of library space and a fresh look at our policies and the ways we enforce them. Suggestions continue to be welcomed and we thank you and all our correspondents for their feedback.

8 thoughts on “Noise at the Library

  1. Anonymous

    It is 10:47 PM on April 23 and I can actually here
    people talking/yelling from the floor above me.
    This is not a joke, i’m on the computers studying for
    my final and the conversations from the floor above me
    are so loud that myself and the people around me cannot
    This is getting ridiculous. Concordia library is
    turning into a late night social hangout.
    I wish at a minimum I could be given a password to the
    computers at McGill. That way I could actually get
    some work done.

  2. Anonymous

    I have a big problem with noise in the library, I do
    not know why you allow people to use the library as a
    socializing space.
    i need to concentrate, it is the only place I can do
    it and i am continuously distracted by groups of two
    to 7 people who come to the library to chat.

    who is supposed to control this? it is getting worse
    every time I come here….

  3. Anonymous

    Another issue that should be addressed is the location of the daycare. I understand that students/staff need daycare facilities, but is it really the best idea to place these directly above study space? As time goes on the noise just gets worse and worse.

  4. Anonymous

    I think a solution to the noise would be to have the study spaces concentrated into one area as opposed to scattered all around the library. This way it forces other students to tell those making noise to keep it down. The way the layout is now allows for students to do whatever they please because the areas are relatively isolated. Have the study spaces concentrated like it is in the study hall or at Loyola.

  5. Anonymous

    Security guards wont do much. Don’t end up hiring policemen because it will end up costing a lot and students will only find other spots in the library to be loud. Authority is never the solution. The library needs to be reorganized so that there are fewer tables close together. What wouldn’t be a bad idea is to have large rooms dedicated for group study work in the library. On every floor there can be a room dedicated for group work -equipped with power outlets.

    What i’ve also noticed is in the study halls (those on every floor facing bishop street) the noise level seems to be very minimal because you’ve got students telling others to shut it or leave. Here’s an idea, those study rooms can be converted to group study rooms!

  6. Robert Kernodle

    Noise in libraries is a problem everywhere, and I do not understand why a governing body does not come into existence to create standards as to what we can legally call “a library”.

    For people who value libraries, this is one of the most frustrating problems of our times.

    Leadership in correcting this problem seems slack.

    It’s time to take back the quiet.

  7. Anonymous

    Please fix this as soon as possible, I cannot study properly. I have the right to study in peace, there is actually no place in society that HAS to be quiet, except libraries, if our library is not quiet in the blue zones, do I REALLY have to go to McGill to study, I mean come on, how are we supposed to even compare ourselves to great schools if our small three story library can’t even be quiet

  8. Anonymous

    1 day i was seated in the library with my friend.i was doing some questions.the level of noise was so distracting.that i went to a cafe to do my work.i had to do research proposal on any topic regarding a problem.the same time it came on my mind that i should chose this noise problem to actually rectify this problem which is currently going on in my school.hope to get a good result

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