Exhibition – Haiti: Dictatorship, Resistance and Exile under Duvalier

You wrote:

I really appreciate the Exhibition about Haiti that has been put to the attention of students lately. As a Canado-Haitian, it is for myself a great opportunity to learn more about the past and struggles of my country of origin. Haitians do have an History and it is not exclusively a violent one: activists and groups of women were dedicated to address and change social injustices in Haiti. It is the first time that I can appreciate an exhibition about Haiti and the Library is a strategic place for the latter. I warmly thank the group of persons who found that Haiti’s history diserved to be told and that took the time to arrange such thoughtful exhibition. Things like this should happen more often at the University so as to provide knowledge about Haiti’s battles and victories to people and especially to Haitians who to often know little or nothing about Haiti. We Haitians have to learn about our past and be more proud of our History.

I am delighted that you appreciate the exhibit. Thank you for sharing your impressions!

The exhibit was organized by Concordia’s CURA (Community-University Research Alliances) Oral History Research Project “Life Stories of Montrealers Displaced by War, Genocide, and other Human Rights Violations.” You can learn more about this group’s  research on the Montreal Life Stories website


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