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I have been using the library facility extensively since I joined Concordia and as I am an avid reader myself, I feel that there is a drawback in the MyCLUES system. It would have been better if the STATUS field in the My CLUES had a option to be sorted by date, most of the Web Interface would have a option to sort items by Price / date / brand etc.., unfortuantely as the STATUS field in the My CLUES cannot be sorted by date, as a result of this I tend to oversee some items due to be renewed in between the long list of books that I have borrowed which results in fine for that particular item(s), I hope this is a simple Technical issue which if improved would result in better use for the end user .

Many Thanks

Thanks for writing. It is possible in MyCLUES to sort the list of books you have borrowed from the library by their due date. Although, as you point out, this cannot be done by clicking on “Status,” there is a way. When you are viewing the list of books, you can click on the button, “Sort by Due Date” that appears just above the list. I hope this helps. It will come in handy for avid readers like you who have borrowed a lot of items at different times and need to see which books are due when.

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