Computers, Scanners, Sockets…

You wrote:

Very frustrated! While a university student need the computer most for study and writing assignment, the library isn’t the most friendly place to go anymore. The workstations (the only group that had the soundcard) on the 3rd floor SGW library 50% were marked out of order. One of the only two scanners was out of order. Most of the electric sockets do not work even if I bring in my own laptop.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Several of our workstations are in the process of being re-imaged for the coming Fall semester. We hope that this work will soon be complete and that you are no longer inconvenienced. We are sorry that the scanner has been out of order; it should be fixed soon. We are interested to know which electrical sockets do not work. Can you get back in touch with us (via the Suggestion Box is fine) and let us know which floor and approximately where on that floor you found the electrical sockets that don’t work? We can have them looked at by an electrician. Thanks for writing.

2 thoughts on “Computers, Scanners, Sockets…

  1. katherine earle

    I can see in my need for scanners that the library has a few which are out of service. These are very important tools and I was frustrated to see the lack of them in the University. Please remedy this situation in fixing or purchasing the scanners, so that there are more available stations for students, and time must not be wasted waiting for the one or two functioning machines!
    Thank you.

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