Accents in CLUES

You wrote:

The CLUES catalogue system fails to recognize accented vowels correctly: a search for ‘Les créateurs et le sacré, textes et témoignages de Delacroix à nos jours’ shows closest titles starting in ‘c-r-a’, not ‘cre’. For a unversity with significant French-language holdings (not to mention the francophone milieu, faculty, students, and frequent subject matter of studies across faculties and departments), this is a major oversight. It makes it rather easy to overlook French works which are in fact part of the collections, and costs users time and effort.

Thank you for writing. This is a technical issue with which we are familiar, and we share your desire to have accented vowels show up properly in CLUES. A few months ago, a change in our operating system made the display of accents in CLUES intermittent. We have made numerous attempts to work with our software provider to fix this inconsistency. Rest assured we should be able to have the problem resolved when we complete a series of upgrades. In the meantime, if you type in your words without accents, your search should work. Once the upgrade goes through, you should be able to once again retrieve search results that contain diacritics. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience this glitch has caused.

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