Returning Books

You wrote:

Often I have to go to the Loyola campus simply to return a book. This means either having someone wait in the car, searching for a parking spot on the street, or paying $5.00 parking while I run over for 5 minutes. How about putting a library drop box in the parking lot, so people can drop off books without having to park their car. As a part-time graduate student with a tight schedule, it would be greatly appreciated. Similarly, how about a drop box for the Webster Library that can be accessed from the street, without going into the building, both for pedestrians, and again, for drivers. Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate that you have a very busy schedule, so here are some suggestions for returning books. First off, you can return items to either campus library. So if it is ever more convenient to return a Webster book to the Vanier Library, and vice versa, please do so. There is no penalty for doing so. Also, it is possible to drive your car right up to the entrance to the Vanier Library and drop off a book in the return box without paying money for parking or getting wet in a Montreal thunderstorm. We will take your suggestion for an additional drop box under consideration. A few things come into play with this: we would need it to be equally accessible to pedestrians and vehicles, and library staff would need a way to get to that drop box repeatedly, being able to retrieve up to 80 lbs of books at a time. This would require some kind of motorized vehicle that could withstand different weather conditions and heavy loads of books. Thank you for your suggestion, and I hope that I’ve suggested some ways to make returning books a bit easier for you.

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