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I love that the libraries provide internet service for students. The internet service provided is ‘Internet Explorer.’ Although Internet Explorer is still in use, its safety is always the topic of discussion as many people (businesses, students, computer technicians, etc.) report that it is unsafe to use. It has constant bug problems and is easy to hack.

I was wondering if Mozilla Firefox could be made available as an alternate internet source so people can feel safer whenever they browse the web. Mozilla is known to be more safe than Internet explorer and a great number of schools have adopted this internet provider because of this.

Thanks for your comments about access to Firefox on Library workstations. The Library is not yet offering Firefox as an option, but is planning to do so when a safe mechanism for Firefox software updates can be implemented in a secured network environment.

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  1. Anonymous

    RE TOILETS OUT OF ORDER: Sometimes the toilets don’t flush in the women’s bathroom on the second floor. Especially the one for handicapped students.

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