Study Zones

You wrote:

Are students not supposed to be quiet in the reading areas of the library? For last couple of days I see that students do not care that other people are
studying on the tables next to them. Some whisper with each other for hours together and others speak so loudly on their phones. I think there is an urgent need to control all this. I am aware that Concordia has a huge population of undergraduates, but rules and regulations should be followed by one and all. I would appreciate any action taken in this regard as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Thanks for voicing your concerns, which we share. This semester, we have established new study zones in the Libraries: some are Blue/Silent (no talking permitted), others are Orange/Quiet (minimal talking permitted). We ask that all library users look at posted signs to see which zone they are in and adjust conversation levels accordingly.

We introduced the new Study Zones in response to the numerous comments we had from students who want a quieter study environment. Please respect the need for a quiet work environment. Remember, you can book group study rooms in CLUES if you need to work and talk as a group.

 Thanks to all of you for your help and cooperation in making the Libraries a great study space for all students!

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