Study Zones and Sockets

We have begun to receive feedback about the new Study Zones (and the increased number of sockets for plugging in your laptops) . One person wrote:

I love the new colour coded zones, exactly what the library needed! now lets make sure that it gets enforced!
and i see that you have added power bars to the sockets, AMAZING, hunting for available sockets used to be a huge pain. great stuff!

And, another person wrote:

I wanted to give my warmest thanks to those responsible for the new quiet zones in the library. For the past three years I’ve been frustrated and disturbed with the amount of noise in the library. I anticipate that the quiet zones will be monitored to ensure that there will be a quite area where students can study productively.  Thank you, this initiative is muchly appreciated and is long overdue!

Thanks for your positive feedback! We are very happy that you appreciate this initiative. Library staff will be visiting the study areas regularly to raise awareness of the new silent and quiet zones. Have a good term.

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