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Hi there, my suggestion is to make the DVD case in back of the media service desk accessible to students so that we can visually browse titles and subjects with our eyes. It would make it easier to see what is available, and it would also encourage students to check out educational dvd’s recreationally. Thank you!

Thanks for your comment. We completely agree that it would be great for everyone to be able to browse our DVD and VHS titles as they do books, and in fact this has been discussed quite a bit over the last couple years. Our preference would be to have the DVD/video in the case in a public area, so that you could not only browse the cases, but also check out the item through self-checkout even when our service desks are closed. We did consider having just the cases outside the desk, but one issue there is space – we’d have to double the space for the collection (space needed for the cases, and for the actual DVDs/tapes behind the desk) and space is a premium in our libraries. There is also a service issue – users would still have to come and ask for the disc/video at a service desk, and if that desk was closed, they’d be out of luck. So we’d rather go with a model that puts the case and disc on the shelf, but then of course there are security concerns that need to be addressed.  

We can certainly tell you that making our DVD/video collection more browsable is a priority. Thanks very much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

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