Computers and Printers

You wrote:

I was just at the library to print something out. There was a lineup of about 10 people on the second floor while half the computers were being used to
watch Youtube and browse Facebook. The situation was similar on the 3rd floor; all the computers were taken but only half the people were doing work. In fact, there were a few people who were using the chairs to sit and chat. I only needed to use 1 computer for 2 minutes to send my documents to the printer, and I would have had to wait about 20-30 minutes, judging by the lineup. I know it was written before that the library doesn’t want to eliminate certain websites, but the computers are not recreational, they are meant to be used for schoolwork (and I was trying to print the documents I needed to read before class this week). Is there anything being done to regulate the computer usage?

On a more positive note, I did see 2 people being ushered out of the library because they were using their cellphones, and I do appreciate the quieter
atmosphere of the blue sections (although it is distracting to have people running in and out of the room to answer their phones every few minutes which is actually a problem I’ve encountered a few times).

Thanks for writing. I understand your frustration when you want to quickly print something and you need to wait in line to do so. Did you try using the Express Workstations on the second floor of the Webster Library? There is a time limit on those computers, and they may be faster to use for just printing. It is true that the computers at Concordia are intended to be used only for academic work; however, it is also true that we do not wish to limit the kinds of sites that students visit while they are on the Web. (Keep in mind that legitimate academic work can happen on Facebook and You Tube, although I do understand they are often used just for relaxing.) Concordia is a rapidly growing university, and at peak time we cannot always have enough computers for all the students that need them. It is our hope that students will use the computers for academic purposes so their fellow students can make their deadlines!

I am glad that you appreciate the quiet study zones! Thanks for your comments.

2 thoughts on “Computers and Printers

  1. CJ

    I’m going to have to agree with this problem of idling on recreational sites. Yes, legitimate work can be done on Facebook, but how much of the time is that really the case? I was just waiting for a computer and thankfully I only waited about 10 minutes for one on the 4th floor, but the person next to me was a Facebook junkie. He had been on that site for the full 10 minutes while I was obviously waiting and then remained on it for another 40 minutes! Not to mention, there is no way of knowing how long he was on it before I got there! If students want to have access to Facebook, they can borrow a laptop from the library or bring their own from home…

  2. anonymous

    Stop procastinating and find an internet cafe to socialize on Facebook.
    The computers, at Concordia, whether they are portable or not, are provided for educational purpose in allowing you to complete work on time. Use of them to waste time between classes is not productive for both the student who does it and the student waiting to use one.

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