Study Zones

We have received a couple more messages about the new Study Zones at the Libraries. One person wrote:

Implementation of the library Study Zones is really brilliant and efficient. Thanks to all of you.

Another person said:

Thanks to the Blue Zone. Finally the library is a really library where silent is more important than socialising. The best would be to not have any orange zone but rather have more studying area. Thanks.

Thank you for your comments. We are so glad that you like the new Zones.

One thought on “Study Zones

  1. Sheila Arnopoulos

    As someone who is continuing to do research in the library for books and special lectures, even though I am a retired professor, I want to commend the library upon instituting the blue and orange zones.

    The blue zones that I have used usually seem really serene, something they haven’t been for years. Maybe for the first time, the students aren’t treating these areas as a coffee shop.

    However, around the computers, where people ARE doing research and concentrating, there is often just too much chit-chat.

    Could this area be designated for quiet computer research? Also could people responding to cell calls use the vibration mode and not the Charge of the Light Brigade? Also if they want to respond they should leave the area and get out of earshot.

    If the computer area were designated quiet for computer research, maybe students might get the idea it isn’t appropriate to spend time on things like Facebook, which one student quite legitimately complained about.

    Also for people anywhere in the library who want to chat, they can talk in the hallway on the second floor where there are comfy chairs outside the library entrance. And there is always Tim Hortons downstairs. Plus for group research they can always book some rooms can’t they?

    Another good thing: It’s helpful that there are three printers on the second floor.

    Also congratulations to the reference librarians for being so open and friendly and helpful to everyone.

    When the students are quiet, it’s mostly a real pleasure to work in the Concordia library.

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