Returning Books on Thanksgiving

You wrote:

Have more book drops around campus for after-hours book returns! I tried to get in the building [October 12th ]to return books and the BUILDING itself was locked. I had no way to return my books on time. Very frustrating.

The Library was open for study on Monday, so it was possible to return books that day. There was signage directing people to the Mackay street entrance of the building.  Nonetheless, sorry for the inconvenience.



One thought on “Returning Books on Thanksgiving

  1. Laurie

    Despite the fact that the library was open during a holiday, many students (i.e. myself!) still had to work. By the time I finished work, the building was locked. I reiterate – not just the library (at least we could use the drop-off slot after hours) – but the actual, entire, physical building was locked from end-to-end after 6 PM, preventing access to even the drop-off slot. THAT was the very inconvenient part, and BTW, I had tried to come in by the Mackay entrance and the guard waved me away – “come back when the building opens at 7 AM tomorrow.”

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