Garbage in the Library

You wrote:

Hi guys! I am very happy that you have implemented the study zones. They seem to be working very well so far, and people have been respecting them. I am normally at the Loyola campus, which is generally more quiet anyway, however I decided to go downtown during the weekend since there is no shuttle service. I was happy to hear peace and quiet especially on the 4th floor, which used to be a zoo. However, I was appalled at the amount of garbage that was left by the students, from paper cups, bottles of all shapes and sizes, papers everywhere, food wrappings, and all this on the tables as well as on the floor. On top of all this, the tables were actually sticky and dirty. This is unacceptable! I am not directing this to the library because the library staff is trying their very best here! But come on Concordia students!! Are you animals? For crying out loud, pick up after yourselves!!

Thank you for your comments. Garbage in the library is a problem for all kinds of reasons. We’re looking at ways to address the issue.

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