Quiet Zones and Fines?

You wrote:

Although I love the fact that the library has instilled blue (silent) zones, I find that students don’t respect them. People still go into the blue zones annd talk non-stop and it’s incredibly distracting. I still don’t understand why people go to the library if they’re just going to talk and not study. I suggest that if students get caught talking in the blue zones, they should get a warning at first, and then if they get caught a second time, they should get a library fine (say 2$-5$). This way students, who actually want to study, will finally get some peace & quiet, and Concordia will make some extra money.

We began our noise awareness campaign this Fall with the goal of letting students know about the newly created study zones.  So far, it has been largely successful, with noticeable improvements in the quality of the study environment. Students have responded to the zoning and signage. However, some students do persist in talking, and we are aware of this. Thanks for your suggestion for a way to encourage silence. We hadn’t considered fining students, though. Library staff are walking through the building to increase awareness of the Zones, and we realize it may take some time for people to realize that times are changing at the Library. We will continue to raise awareness of the Zones, but if you encounter too much talking, please feel free to report your concerns to the nearest service desk so library staff can address the problem.

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