“More Inside” in CLUES

You wrote:

When I’m researching a topic, I love using the “More Inside” feature since I can look at the table of contents and find out right away if the book is
relevant to my research. Are there any future plans to extend this feature to the older books in the library’s collection? I realize it would take a significant amount of work but I think it would help many students.

Thank you for your continued efforts. They are very appreciated.

Thank you for your feedback on the “More Inside” feature in CLUES. Clicking on the image of a book cover in CLUES can lead to a table of contents, a review, a summary, and sometimes even a chapter of the book.  

Yes, we are looking at ways to bring similar information about our older books into CLUES. We realize how useful this feature is! I am glad it helps you with your research. Thank you for writing.

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