Noise in the Blue Zones

Recently, a few people have written to tell us that there is still some noise in the Blue Zones. Here are some comments we have had:

#1: Hello, I come to the library about 3-5 times a week and 1 out of those 5 times I encounter a group of people yelling and acting obnoxiously in the blue zone where the cubicles are located. Where can I report them? Is it
possible to “ban” someone from the library?

#2: The noise level in the blue zone is still bad. People are talking as if they were the only ones in the library, the phones are ringing, people are having
conversations on the phone, in the blue zones! More enforcement would be greatly appreciated, especially on the fourth floor.

#3: Hi, I would like to point out that there is a lot of noise still in the blue zones on the fourth floor, I don’t understand why no one is “policing” the area. Aren’t “library staff responsive to noise concerns”. It is impossible to concentrate with people talking! Isn’t a library supposed to be a place for everyone to study without noise? How are we supposed to study and where
are we supposed to study if the only place that’s supposed to be quiet isn’t it?

Thank you all for your comments. We know that there is still some noise in the Blue Zones. Please feel welcome to report the situation to staff at any service desk  at the  Library. Staff can intervene or call security if need be.

2 thoughts on “Noise in the Blue Zones

  1. Valerie

    Yes, enforcement, and meaningful enforcement is necessary. I come here very often and I have noticed that the noise level has gone up, especially in the end of the afternoon. I thing everyone should understand that the zones and by-laws are in force for as long as the library is open

  2. Anonymous

    The problem I have found is that no one is willing to give up their space or leave their belongings behind so in order to go speak to a librarian. This includes myself.

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