Finding Periodicals

You wrote:

Hi, I was just looking for a periodical on the fourth floor. I was in the section corresponding to the call number and could not find the periodical. I realized that the stacks I was looking at had both books and periodicals on them. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to have a section for periodicals and a section for monographs?

Thanks for your comments and suggestion. Yes, it does make sense to have one section for periodicals and one for books. Largely, this is how things are done. At Webster Library, the periodicals are on the 3rd floor and the books are on the 4th floor but there are also some books on the 3rd floor. We have tried to demarcate the periodicals as much as possible.  At Vanier Library, the periodicals are on the second floor and the books are all on the third floor.

However, there are some exceptions and occasionally some periodicals will be shelved with books. This happens when a periodical is published once a year or even less frequently.

The best way to know for sure where a periodical is shelved is to look closely at the location information in CLUES. Underneath the call number for the journal you will see “Library has” and it will usually indicate “Webster Periodicals” which is the third floor. If a periodical is shelved with books, there will be an indication of which floor to go to.



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