Quiet Study

You wrote:

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. You have signs everywhere telling us to be quiet but when librarians are shelving they talk loudly to one another and push the carts into each other without any attempt at being quiet. In fact, a librarian just pushed the cart into the table I was studying at. Least of all it was rude, most of all it was loud.

 All of your signs indicate that librarians will respond to noise complaints yet each time I have complained I get a shrug and “I’ll see what I can do” with absolutely no result. I’m extremely frustrated with this institution’s inability to provide a quiet space! In all the university libraries I’ve studied in, Concordia is the worst. You need to seriously focus on providing a STUDY oriented atmosphere.

We have been working to gradually introduce an improved study environment at Concordia. For the most part, it has been successful, and we are open to your suggestions. Thank you for your comments. We do recommend that you approach someone at a service desk when you encounter noise that is unacceptable. This is the only way we can know what is happening and possibly intervene. Finally, we apologize for the inconvenience of noise made by staff members working. Book carts loaded with books are heavy and not always easy to manouevre. We hope this situation won’t happen again.

4 thoughts on “Quiet Study

  1. Anon.

    And probably further to the above comment, there are certain staff and librarians whose duty it is to intervene and control noise when necessary (more-so than others). These are the ones the complaints should go to (they usually walk around with clipboards) or as mentioned in the post, head to the closest service desk to complain.

  2. Bort

    The staff are noisiest when their carts are empty. I understand that an unloaded cart tends to vibrate and rattle but could they at least have the courtesy to not ram their carts into the elevators?

  3. ConcordiaStudent

    Anon. – No such staff exist. Stop saying librarians will be responsive. They aren’t. There’s just a huge attitude of “not my problem”.

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