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The internet in the library is horrible. On 3rd and 4th floors, the connection always cuts randomly and sometimes it does not come back for 40 minutes. When it is very crowded in the library, it seems like an utopia to find a spot where internet is working well. I know it is not only me and my computer, I always ask the people around me and they have the same problem. Please find a solution to this and let us work efficiently in our library!

The Library does not manage the wireless access provided on campus. We are sorry that you have experienced problems with the network. We encourage you to report this problem directly to Concordia’s Instructional & Information Technology Services who is in charge of the network by emailing them at help@concordia.ca or by phone at 514 848 24214 ext. 7613.

One thought on “Wireless

  1. marc

    i know organizing the library is important but the noisy carts moving around the 3rd and 4th floor near the stairs to put back the books is distracting for a quiet study place.. aren’t we all supposed to help facilitate a working environment

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