Noise during Exams

You wrote:

Well, as finals are approaching I wanted to comment on something that you could start working on now, it is the eternal problem of the noise in finals time on thelibrary. I know you have made the study zones, but still people are not really respecting this. First of all, I wanted to say, that students must be educated on the use of the library since the 1st year at Concordia. You are the “owners” or authorities at the library, and i guess rules must be made known, and if not respected they must be enforced. You should, like all marketing campaigns that try to sell stuff to us,make a good marketing campaign of proper library use,since, suppose i am studying, and somebody makesnoise, that gets me nervous, and it makes no sense to tell people to quiet down, I AM ALREADY NERVOUS, andthe only thing i can do is leave the library. You should make a gigantic posting at the entrance with huge letters saying, THAT LIBRARY IS A SILENT PLACE OFSTUDYING, and not a disco or cafeteria or whatsoever.Hope you understand my proposal, as i like the libraryi am also interested on studying in a silent place, andpeople need to understand that they have to respect theother people who need to study and do well in final exams.

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment and suggestion. As exams approach, we will have more staff circulating, and you may see more signs around the study areas and on plasma screens reminding everyone of the Study Zones.

2 thoughts on “Noise during Exams

  1. anonymous

    Maybe Marketing students can create such a campaign. If they can get credits or marks for this, I’m sure they will be the first ones to jump on the chance. And what better way to change the noise culture in the libraries, if it comes from the students themselves.

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