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Hi, I use the terrific printers on the third floor of the Webster library and am so thrilled that they print double sided by default.

However, I was shocked that the memory for print jobs has been changed to only half an hour!?! Before it was an hour! As you can imagine, when you are researching, you send things to the printer under the assumption that the memory is an hour, and only print at the END- I was unaware of this completely unreasonable change and lost much of my work.

Please, students are stressed enough as it is- why on earth impose a change such as this that does not reduce, but rather adds to our stress and frustration? On behalf of the student body, please restore it to the usual time frame of an hour and until then, please put SIGNS so people are at least aware of the (hopefully) temporary change (there was none except on the printer itself, at which time, it was too late). Otherwise, people can get trapped as I was.
– frustrated, printed-less student

We are sorry to hear about your experience with the print service. Our servers have encountered some load problems and we had to reduce the time for holding the print jobs.

However, we are happy to report that we have upgraded the servers and that users now have 60 minutes to release their print jobs from the queue. This is in effect at Webster and Vanier Libraries. Sorry for your inconvenience; things shoud be better now!

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