Maximum number of requests

In our library catalogue, CLUES, you can request up to ten books at a time.

One person sent us a potential improvement to make with the online

When you try to make an online request for more than 10 books, a very ambiguous/misleading message pops up saying “THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR LIBRARY RECORD, PLEASE SEE A LIBRARIAN.” One librarian I spoke to thought it may have happened due to an overdue book/fine (no); another one thought that the cookies in my browser should be deleted (no). The problem is that I’ve exceeded the maximum number of requests
allowed by the syetm but the message does not say that, and most of the circulation staff also didn’t know that either. Change the message to reflect the reality!

Thanks, we would really like to change that message to reflect different realities! We understand it can be confusing. Unfortunately, this is a system-generated message which occurs when a variety of situations are encountered, such as when someone has fines or when someone has reached the maximum number of requests. A number of libaries using this system have asked for the ability to change the message, and we hope it will be more customizable in the future.  Thank you for writing, and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

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