Recommending Items for the Collection

You wrote:

Before I made the decision of joining the doctoral programme in Concordia, I did make a thorough search of library online and was very unhappy to find that the it is not at all rich enough to serve my needs. Finally, when I joined the university I was also told that I should recommend the books I would need for my research work and the library can procure them. For the past three months I have been regularly recommending books online, but I wonder if anybody even bothers to have a look at the recommendations I make. I know it is not Harvard that I recommend a book and it would be
there the next week, but at least I had “Great  Expectations” from a North American university. I am just saved by the ‘inter library loan’ and my personal digital library, otherwise there was no other option except to “drop”.

Thank you for writing, and since we do not know who you are, please contact Jocelyn Godolphin, Associate University Librarian, Collection Services, who will be happy to discuss this with you. She can be reached at

We always carefully consider when people recommend that we acquire specific resources for the Libraries. The best way to recommend books is to contact your subject librarian.

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