Bathroom Cleanliness

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The 3rd Floor Men’s Bathroom (Blue Zone) at the Webster Library is disgusting. While I understand it is ultimately up to the users of the facilities to show some respect for future users of it, I find that this particular bathroom is always significantly nastier than the others. The urinals do not flush, nor do they contain urinal cakes (which causes a strong unpleasant odor) and the toilets are always overflowing with water and raw sewage which is extremely unpleasant to see and smell.

Suggestions:More frequent attention paid by the cleaning and
maintenance staff, automatic flush urinals similar to the ones located in
the EV and MB buildings. New Toilets that are able to resist clogging.

Thanks for writing. We’ve ¬†reported the problem, but we thought we’d also let you know that you can call Facilities Management’s Service Centre if you need to report a need for cleaning or repair on campus: 514-848-2424, ext. 2400.

8 thoughts on “Bathroom Cleanliness

  1. Anonymous

    I agree the bathrooms on all 3 floors of the Webster library need more cleaning. It is common to see toilets/urinals overflow onto the floor.

  2. Anonymous

    I also have to go to other buildings in order to do the number 2 because the toilets are always blocked and overflowing with all sorts of unholiness

  3. Anonymous

    Not sure about the men’s but the women’s washroom by the library offices on 2nd floor are usually pretty clean.

    Well, until I posted this and all the slobs find their way there now too.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s the student’s responsibility to have to call management to remind them to do their job. There’s no excuse for the same floater to sit in a toilet for 3 days straight. The urinals are caked in buildup from urine residue from not being cleaned. It’s truly disgusting.

    We pay to attend a school with proper facilities (academic and others). It’s unfortunate that a select few students create a lot of this mess, but regardless of who is to blame, there are still people who are being paid to take care of it. The issues regarding the library’s bathrooms are not only the result of students. The toilets/urinals are simply not maintained and cleaned, and there is rarely soap in any of the dispensers.

    The library represents our school and its attitude towards education. At this point, the only message being conveyed is that no one really cares.

  5. Anonymous

    Regarding bathroom cleanliness, and I might as well add, library cleanliness in general. Well, between 9 pm amd 8:30 am during the 24 hour access period, there is NO library staff to take care of complaints. So, someone has to call management and/or security to follow up on bathroom emergencies. EVERYONE, and that includes staff, students and people from the general public who uses our facilities too, have to be responsible in keeping this place tidy.

  6. Anonymous

    Earlier this week I was in the library and had to use the washroom (the men’s on the third floor facing bishop street) and I saw that 2 of the 3 toilets were covered with garbage bags and the third one was BACKED UP TO THE RIM (TO THE FREAKIN RIM!) with indescribable amounts of […].

    On another visit that day, I witnessed someone flushing one of the urinals only to see the pipe that connects the urinal to the wall start to spill out onto that dudes shoes……. poor guy…

    These are not the sort of things that we should have to go through with everytime nature calls!

    It is NOT only the students fault here and I know that the cleaning staff probably tries their best. I have a great deal of respect for those who have to clean up that mess. Clearly the problem is that the facilities are not up to par otherwise things like this would not occur as frequently!

    The washrooms need MAJOR renovations in order to bring them up to par and they need to begin like now.

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