“Party Zone”

You wrote:

This comment has to do with the level of noise within both the Vanier and Webster library. In the silent zones people chat. I have on a regular basis asked people to keep it down, but this has been to no avail. There has to be a presence of library staff throughout the study areas. The library staff has to walk around and demand that people remain silent.

I’ve studied at McGill before, and as the security staff walks through the study areas they asks individuals to keep it down, I suggest that the Concordia libraries do the same. The library space is ridiculous. It is so noisy, and the new policies are not reinforced but practical means. Please make more of an effort to keep it silent and quiet. How can Concordia expect student academic integrity when their place of study is ‘party zone’?

Thank you for sharing your comments about the level of noise at the libraries. We understand your concern, for we share it, too.

We have been working very hard to try and encourage students to respect the recently created study zones. By and large, students have been learning to adjust their noise levels depending on the zone they are in.

However, we know that it takes time to change a culture of noisy study, and this is why we also have staff walking through the libraries. We do not have sufficient budgetary or staff resources to have staff or security constantly present in the libraries. Staff cannot always be present when noise flares up quickly. To succeed, we also need the participation and cooperation of students to respect the Study Zones. We realize this will take time, and we are open to suggestions on how to improve the situation.

Please understand the efforts that we are making, with the best possible use of our limited resources, to create a quieter study space for students at Concordia. We do appreciate your comments and we certainly take them into consideration.

4 thoughts on ““Party Zone”

  1. Bort

    We need competent security staff for weekends/evenings!! The people hired during exam periods simply don’t care/do anything about noise complaints

  2. ConcordiaStudent

    Agreed. But also daytime hours. I complained to a library staff member today, who told me it’s not her job and simply couldn’t be bothered.

  3. Anonymous

    I realize that many people have been writing in about
    the noise, but I think it is important to add my voice
    to the chorus calling for mor action on this front. All
    that is required is a circulating security guard or
    library staff member telling people to be quiet.
    Within a few weeks the problem will be solved. The
    current system relies too much on self-restraint.
    I also wonder whether it is at all possible to have
    the staff members at the Media loans desk to keep it
    down. They are the loudest people on the third floor,
    which is saying something. Working on the computers on
    the third floor is near impossible because of their
    constant yammering.

  4. student

    yesterday i was studying in the “quiet room” and 3 tables around us were practically screaming. it would have been considered noisy even for a coffee shop. the security guard passed at least 3 times and not a single word!
    the fact that they are walking there doesn’t change anything if they do not comment. how about giving tickets to people. 3 tickets and you pay a little sum (replacing the new memorandum for per credit $ to the library).

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