ID required?

You wrote:

I’m surprised this is being taken seriously and it is truly appreciated. However there is an important issue I haven’t read about yet which concerns the amount of students/people that are in the library during examination periods. It becomes really hard for us, students at Concordia to find a place to study. It would be appreciated if security can check id’s since at least half of the crowds during the examination period don’t attend Concordia University. Thanks!

Thank you for your input. You are right in saying that there is a lack of study space at the downtown library. Its capacity is for 2950 people, yet an average of 5000 people visit the Webster Library on a daily basis! That number is sure to go up in the New Year, as the Webster Library will be open 24/7, as of January 4 2010! At that time, ID cards will be required to visit the library during the night.

As for checking IDs during the day, years ago, when the Webster Library first began the 24-hour-opening at exam time, security guards checked ID cards at the library entrance all day long. One year, they did this outside of exam time, just to keep track of who was coming through the doors. It was found that the vast majority of users were in fact our own students. So, it was felt that rather than spend money on keeping a guard to check IDs 24/7, it would be preferable to have a longer 24-hour-opening period, one that began well before exam time. In fact, this year, the Webster Library 24-hour-opening began November 30, 10 days before the beginning of exams.

Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

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