Noise Notification

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Noise is most definitely the biggest concern with our library. I propose some sort of notification system (telephones, a link on the library site, or even a number we can send a text message to) that would allow us to directly contact library staff/security regarding noise complaints. This would be useful in assessing the urgency of a complaint since most students don’t want to go all the way downstairs and risk losing their study space. A zoning system (letters/numbers for various locations in the library) would allow staff to keep track of areas with high noise concentrations, and this would also enable security workers to find disruptive students.

Abuse of this type of system would be minimal, since multiple unique complaints from a specific zone could be determined via cell phone number or perhaps netname.

Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion!

5 thoughts on “Noise Notification

  1. DM

    What a great suggestion! I have been listening to a conversation beside me for about an hour and a half now, and am wondering what I can do to make it stop. I don’t feel like making a scene. The suggested reporting system would be perfect.

  2. ConcordiaStudent

    Similiar suggestios have been suggested numerous times. Nothing will change until the library realizes that students don’t need endless months to learn how to respect the rules. The library doesn’t appear to have any intention of instituting a consequence for noise, but instead hoping students will just start respecting the signage.

    As a result, the way it is now it is destined to stay.

  3. Stinger

    My friend was telling me how she used the Ask A Librarian chat to report a noisy talker. It’s kind of slow, but it might help.

  4. ConcordiaStaff

    Remember not to abuse calling security for noise issues. Call or report issues to the library staff and/or administration first. Only call security if you feel that you are being harassed repeatedly or threatened, or that you are witnessing threatening behaviours. Security’s number is coded on the public phones. You can also use the red phones anywhere you see them. They are usually near the washrooms, but can also be found elsewhere.

  5. Marie Campbell

    In reference to the noise complaints raised above, I must tell you that I have completely given up on the Webster library for any purpose beyond the basic book pick-up. It exudes no kind of university ambiance. Feet on chairs, cell phone talking, loud conversations around a table – none of these actions suggest the serious approach to study that is appropriate to a library.

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