Damaged Book

You wrote:

Borrowed a book (BF 39 K46 1992) two days ago and immediately noticed the whole book had been marked with blue pen and pink highligther, whoever commited such act is disgraceful, disrespectful and irresponsible for the university properties.

In the past, I had encountered quite a number of similar situations since it was in pencil marks I
could still erase it with an eraser, but this time it is totally unacceptable.

Could the library establish some measures to monitor further damages to the precious books?

With my experiences in Hong Kong, which is ten times smaller than Montreal island but have 12 millions population, the public library staff would briefly flip the book before it lent out ensuring there is no damage otherwise they would not lent it out. Also,they would briefly flip the book upon return, if there is any damage there would be penalty (usually it is the cost of the book replacement). Even if the books return by book deposit, they would trace back the last
borrower who had checked out a clean copy of the book and penalise them. The high school library, where I volunteered, also adopted the same policy and practise to ensure the protection of the library properties.

Sincerely wish the library could preserve the precious books and properties for many others to enjoy freely in the future.

Thank you for writing us with your concerns. It is very frustrating to borrow a book and see that it has been marked up and with a pen or highlighter. Thank you for reporting the damaged book to us. We have ordered an additional copy of the book so that future readers can have a better copy to use.

We try to check books for damage when they are returned, but we often have a very heavy volume of books returned at certain points in the semester, so it is not always possible to check each one. Thank you for letting us know.

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