Table Arrangement and Noise

You wrote:

Heres’ a suggestion to noise: Reorganize the tables and seating arrangements so that those individuals making noise will be in visible site by other peers studying. The best way to crack down on noise makers is to have other students pressure the noise makers to leave.
From what I’ve seen, authoritative pressure will only promote more rebelling to make noise. Might I add it is very expensive to hire watchdogs for noise makers and this is only a temporary solution.

My proposal for seating arrangements is as follows. If you look at the second floor study area behind the computer area (i think where the periodicals are) this area is very silent because there are 3 long rowed tables and everyone is in visible sight. As such, anyone making noise will definitely stand out. Also if you noticed Vanier library is quieter because it has a similar seating area arangement as what I’m proposing.

Now if you look at the Webster library, especially on the 4th floor, it is very easy for students to make noise as the tables are spread out in a single file line along the windows. This promotes noise making as groups of people will mark a particular table as their own and probably engage in group talking and other non-approved library behaviors. This is why manystudent use the library as hang out areas. Clustering them into vast seating areas, such as it is at Vanier, should definitely solve this problem as it would make seating areas a common place for all to use.

As for the orange and blue zones, im my honest opinion, orange zone is misleading as students believe they can engage in noise making behaviors. It only takes a few individuals to make the library feel like a crowd!

Note: Cubicles aren’t the solution either!

Thank you for taking the time to share all your suggestions about how furniture contributes to a noisy or quiet atmosphere. We appreciate your ideas very much. The arrangement and types of furniture in the library spaces are definitely factors we consider in relation to noise management. Thank you again!

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