Waiting for a computer

You wrote:

Hi, Almost everyday it is long line to wait to use a computer. Maybe you don’t know the feeling of waiting if you don’t use the computers in that area. Why not limit the using hours for example 1 hour? Because many students occupy the computers don’t use it, but read theirbooks. Thank you.

Thanks for writing. I do know the feeling of waiting in line for a computer. I stood in lines waiting for computers for years at other post-secondary institutions! It is unfortunate that some students sit at a much sought-after workstation without actively using it. We have many study areas suited for just reading books. Or, perhaps borrowing a laptop and taking it to a study area is a good idea if someone needs to read as well as be near a computer.

 We encourage students to be conscious and respectful of others who are in line for computers, and although it may be hard to give up a computer, someone else might urgently need it to do research and complete an assignment. We recently acquired more than 90 additional laptops which you can borrow at the Circulation Desk. You can also see if there are computers available in LB-203.

 We don’t like to limit the amount of time a student can use a computer, because some students need significant amounts of time in order to access Moodle and write assignments. We try to make as many computers available as possible. Please help each other out by using the computer you have in a way that is respectful of other  students who are waiting.

One thought on “Waiting for a computer

  1. Anonymous

    What would be helpful in dealing with the high demand for computers in the library would be a better system of monitoring the students using them. A substantial number of computers are being used for long periods of time for non-academic purposes such as viewing videos on YouTube or catching up with friends on FaceBook. It is very frustrating to need a computer to complete a school assignment and to have to wait hours while someone updates their avatar.

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