Using Computers for Non-Academic Purposes

You wrote:

The computers in the library are in very high demand. I would like to bring it to your attention that a significant proportion of the time spent on library computers is for non-academic purposes such as YouTube, Facebook and even online games. This can be very frustrating when you need a computer to complete an assignment for school. Please monitor the students’ use of the computers.

Thank you for writing. We do understand that computers are in very high demand and we state that the library computers are for academic, not recreational, use.  However, it would be a considerable invasion of students’ privacy to have someone monitoring the use of library computers. The role of YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites in student life is considerable, and often these sites are used for managing academic as well as personal life, so it is not always easy to determine what is a non-academic use of computers. Ultimately, it is up to each student to recognize that a limited number of computers are available in our libraries, and use of them should be appropriately academic. It’s a matter of respect for one’s fellow students to use computers for academic purposes.

 We have as many workstations as our resources permit, and we have added more than 90 new laptops since January. Thank you again for your comment.

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