When is my book due?

You wrote:

Good day. I am a little confused about the return date of a book I had checked out. The print out form I received when I took the book out was due to be returned on 27-03-10. I received a message from you stating I needed to return the book on 20-03-10. How is this possible when I have the receipt saying that the book is due back the 27th. I took the book out on 06-03-10 and I have yet to begin to read it.  How did I go from the 27 to the 2oth!!!!

It looks like the book you borrowed has been requested by another student. This can happen. Our loan system is designed so that students can equitably share library resources that may be needed by more than one student.

A book that one student borrows can be requested by another student. It means that the first student may be asked to bring their book back a little earlier than the original loan period of three weeks. You will always be guaranteed two weeks with the book. If someone else requests your book, you will receive an email from the library. The due date of your book may change as a result of the request. The email you receive will advise you of the due date. When you get the message from the library that your book has been requested by another student, you will have at least 4 days to return it to the library.

If no other student requests your book, you get it for the full three weeks.  You can even renew it up to three times.

You can keep track of when all your books are due by checking your library account in MyCLUES.

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