Available Space

You wrote:

I note that the university highlights that it admitted almost 44,000 students in the year 2008-09, but it does not point out that it’s Webster Library has a seating capacity of only 1150 and the Vanier libraryhas 809. Students, particularly graduates, find it so difficult to manage their study spaces particularly at the time of examinations. I do not know if the authorities realize the difficulties of the graduate students and if they do, I am sure they are not taking any speedy measures to solve such serious problems concerning the dearth of space in Concordia University. Is the library aware that they are offering a seating capacity of 1959 to approximately 44,000 students?

Thank you for writing with your concerns about the amount of available seating in Libraries. I can assure you that we are aware of the space limitations in the Library, and that we are always in conversation at the University about space for our students. As student enrollment increases, so too does the need for student space on campus. The Library feels the need for more space very keenly.

 There is study space in both libraries allocated for graduate students. Please enquire at the Circulation Desk of either library to learn about graduate study spaces that you could make use of.

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