Looking at a book’s Table of Contents

You wrote:

It would be nice to format the blurb about the books. For example, on this page, it is hard to read the table of contents the way it is posted. Could you please format them in a clearer way?

Thanks for the suggestion. We don’t have a quick and easy way of formatting the table of contents that can sometimes appear in the CLUES record in the section labeled “contents.” However, to see a nicely formatted version, click on the image of the book cover on the right, and there is usually a very nice version of the table of contents.

One thought on “Looking at a book’s Table of Contents

  1. Martine, library staff

    To add some context: For expediency’s sake in providing material as quickly as possible to the users, content notes are verified for accuracy but not formatted for legibility for the time being. This way contents are also searchable via keyword.

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